Is Angela Merkel the worst German chancellor ever?

Germany has had its fair share of history but an important question to consider is: is history repeating itself? Several anti-immigration leaders have presented a considerable image about the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, particularly most described Merkel as the worst German Chancellor in history. Andre Poggenburg, the leader of the German anti-immigrat party (AfD), is relentless in his attack on Merkel. Poggenburg made the statement when his party won three state legislatures.

In particular, Merkel is famous for her immigration policies. Her stance has made anti-immigration to have several challenges in Germany even though they thrived favorably well in other European states. Part of the reason why Germany has been a clear exception is the obvious ideology of the nation to oppose far-right movements as a result of its Nazi past. Just last year, Merkel had allowed more than a million immigrants to enter Germany. Of course, this has even posed several problems to Germany itself, especially as it relates to the refugee crisis.

Situation would have been different if the AfD had entered the federal parliament in 2013. The party had instructed the German police to take down any immigrant at the border. AfD politicians when commenting on the liberal migration party proposed by Merkel labeled it as “brilliant”. Merkel has been likened to Adolf Hitler, the erstwhile German chancellor and dictator who killed at least six million Jews between 1941 and 1945. Hitler targeted ethnic and political groups and this resulted to one of the largest genocides the world have ever known, usually referred to as “The Holocaust”.

Even though several critics address Merkel as worse than Hitler and a bit harsh, it stands to be argued. Merkel apparently has not been involved in ethnic and political violence like Hitler. Contrary to Hitler, she has opened the door to immigrants and there is no indication that violence is meted out on the immigrants. However, AfD is rather endorsing and promoting violence. The “shoot at the border” order given to German police by the AfD appears to be a show of violence aimed just to ensure their anti-immigration system works.