Kim is bad, Donald is mad

In the wake of the simmering global events and agitation, people are really in doubt on who is actually psychopathic between Kim and Trump. In a phone conversation with Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines President, Trump said that the madman with nuclear weapon should not be allowed to let on the loose. No doubts, Trump is right in his statement but it stands to be argued who actually is the madman. Of course, in Trump’s statement Kim is the madman but a careful analysis of the duos’ personalities would reveal who the actual madman is.

Kim may be inhuman but he is not murderous. Trump has failed to realize this but several experts including State Department and former Pentagon officials, former President Jimmy Carter and others agree to this. Primarily, Kim possesses nuclear weapons not as an instrument of attack but as instrument of defense. He is not as irrational as Trump believes and neither is he suicidal. In other words, Kim may be bad but he is not mad.

However, a group of psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers have indicated that Trump is incapable of serving as president due to the untold emotional instability he exhibited. It is no longer news that Trump is delusional and paranoid. His paranoia is obvious to all and in fact some mental health experts pointed out in a Yale University’s School of Medicine conference that the president has dangerous mental illness.

Clearly, between the duos, Trump is the mad person. Interestingly, South Koreans are more worried about Trump than they are about North Korea. The president failed to realize that releasing the nuclear weapon will kill scores of innocent folks in North Korea, he doesn’t even care. The last time nuclear weapon was used in Japan 72 years ago, about 105,000 people died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, nuclear war between the U.S. and North Korea could kill tens of millions of people. As rightly pointed out by Trump’s former ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz, Trump is a sociopath. In an interview on July 16, Schwartz pointed out that if Trump wins and gets access to the nuclear codes that might be end of civilizations.