Top reasons why Greek and Italian politics are bad

The history of civilization cannot be completely told without making a mention of Greece and Italy. Several Greeks and Italians helped in shaping history, democracies and civilization. In particular, democracy is said to have originated from Greece. These countries have been studied by several emerging nations; such studies offered such nations the fortitude to develop. Both countries have been one-time the world power and indeed occupied an irreplaceable place in history.

However, it appears that the table is gradually being turned against Greece and Italy. The countries that were known to be an example to others have degraded to become the shadows of their past. Today, Greek and Italian politicians are notorious for being bad. The irrational decisions by Greece and Italian politicians have put the nations at the mercy of events. Their economic situations are on a constant decrease.

The irrational decision made by the Greece conservative leader, Antonio Samaras had dealt a great blow on the on the economic situation of the country. Greece may soon crash out of the euro. Samaras had insisted on holding an election prematurely and this resulted to a colossal loss. On the Italian side of the game, the crisis brought about by politicians led by Silvio Berlusconi drove the country to an untold financial quagmire in 2011, yet they could not remedy the situation and to salvage it they handed over to Mario Monti.

These are only a foretaste of the bad political climate in Greece and Italy. Sadly, such poor leadership in Italy and Greece had come at the wrong time. This is particularly the time in which the both nations need strong leadership but the actual reasons for the failure of these leaders are rarely known.

Rather than focusing on finding the best ways to bring the country out of the obvious dead-ends, these politicians spend most of their time quarrelling with each other. In Greece, since the May 6 election, the politicians have adopted the attitudes of constant squabble and as a result the next election and indeed the future of Greece are not fine-tuned. The same can be said about Italy.