Why Trump is Wrong on Climate Change

Trump’s presidency has dealt a great blow not only on the liberal Americans but on the world at large. Obviously, Trump prefers the United States to every other country and therefore most of his policies are skewed to favor the U.S. However, Trump has not actually favored United States as he supposed. He supposed that pulling out of the Paris climate change deal would allow the United States to develop coal and improve its economy but on the contrary this would boomerang on the United States.

Trump is wrong in so many of his assumptions. He aims at reviving the energy business and his emphasis has been on coal. Obviously, coal is a dirty fuel which produces lots of pollutants and of course the Paris climate change deal is all about preserving the earth and limiting the amount of pollutants produced by each country in order not to overload the earth. Trump believed that pulling out of the deal would help the United States to create jobs but he is wrong.

President Trump fails to realize that coal is not the future of energy. The future of energy is green technology. Natural gas produces far less pollutants than coal and is indeed the present source of fuel. Trump failed to realize that the Paris climate deal will help the United States to occupy a very important position in the future of energy.

Furthermore, Trump does not understand the major purpose of the climate deal. The climate deal is perhaps the very first of its kind in which world leaders had a unanimous agreement to save the planet. He does not see the big picture but only pictures the United States. Trump’s actions would have repercussions on the United States and the world at large. At first, the U.S stands as a standard to other countries and by pulling out of the deal, some other countries might as well decide to pull out.

Interestingly, President Trump appears to take the climate change threat very lightly. He is unconcerned about the state of the planet but sadly his stance in the climate change deal might put the United States in the sideline of future events, a dangerous place to be for the world’s most advanced economy.