What is wrong with Donald Trump?

Several analysts have been taking stocks of Donald Trump’s achievements since he entered the presidential office late 2016. Trump has stayed over six months in the office and clearly, reports from several analysts are showing red lights in his achievements thus far. Trump has performed behind most of his campaign promises. He has a lot of promises to protect the border and vowed that Mexico would pay for it but obviously there is no progress along this line. He has also failed totally in healthcare and his promises to preserve Medicaid and healthcare provisions are yet to be delivered.

Politicians are known to make big campaign promises which they rarely fulfill. Trump used several baits to entice the masses to vote for him. He promised that he would work very hard to make sure that “America becomes great again” but clearly the guy has spent most of his time as a president on golf courses.

Several psychoanalysts, the media and indeed most Americans keep asking themselves what is really wrong with Trump. The Republican Party has maintained a kind of silence at the obvious incompetence of their presidential candidate. But indeed a puzzling question that demands an urgent answer is: “What is wrong with Trump?”

It is important to note that Trump had about sixty three million votes in the last election. This means that sixty three million Americans voted for him. Perhaps this number represented the people who bought into Trump’s ideology. It represented a set of people who are opposed to Muslims, Mexicans, same sex marriage, the Black American president and so forth. Perhaps, Trump won the election because he presented a kind of America which fitted into the ideals of the sixty three million people that voted for him.

Even though Trump is an incompetent, narcissist and amateur man, he is currently the President of the United States mainly because some set of sixty three million Americans who are opposed to cultural change voted him into power. As a matter of fact, the right question shouldn’t be what is wrong with Trump but what is wrong with us.