Zuck 2020? What the hell!

The news of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s presidential ambition is spreading far and wide. Clearly, Zuckerberg’s cross-country tour might have been somehow targeted towards this end. Facing off with Donald Trump in 2020, analysts predict the possible outcome of the match. Giving the obvious incompetence of Donald Trump, will the poll favor Zuckerberg over Trump? Don’t just to conclusion yet because results from the analysis have a slightly surprising result.

Suppose Zuckerberg runs as a Democrat candidate, he would end up getting about 40% of the vote, according to Public Policy Polling. This would make him the poorest performing Democratic candidate. As surprising as this might sound, a lot of reasons support it. Even though Facebook is widely known and has close to 2 billion users, Zuckerberg himself is not that popular according to the poll result. From the poll result, 47% did not have any opinion on him, 29% felt negatively about him while only 24% felt positively about him. The poll showed that Zuckerberg is mostly popular among women and younger voters.

Irrespective of the poll result, Mark Zuckerberg seemed to be unconcerned. He clearly said that he has no interest in voting. Of course, a few of his actions proved otherwise but he maintained his stance. When asked about his cross-country tour, Zuckerberg said that it is simply in line with his New Year resolution to broaden his view due to the political turbulence that hit his company. Facebook had faced a few accusations, mostly due to bias against conservatives, during the last presidential campaign.

However, it still stands questionable whether or not Zuckerberg intends to run for presidency in 2020. A few of his recent actions in Facebook, such as asking the board to approve a clause that would give him to ability to retain control in the event that he leaves to serve in the government and even hiring Obama’s former campaign manager to run his philanthropic organization, are questionable. But clearly, Zuckerberg is not an ideal politician. His monochrome, T-shirts and jeans style is not a perfect stereotype of a politician. He may not be able to stand up to the task involved.